Patch 2.0.1: “After” the Storm

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

As expected when Blizzard patches something, not everything went as smooth as planned, a list of current bugs on the European forums shows some major oversights by Blizzard.

The most notable of these being wrong patch notes, which resulted in a large number of anticipated changes, mainly class-specific, not being in this patch even though the notes reflected they would be.

What’s more, some very obvious bugs which were present on the PTR’s, like the bugged rogue/druid stealth animations and enchants appearing in white text on gear (making them look like normal stats) were not solved before bringing this patch to the live realms. While not particularly harmful to the overall game experience one could wonder how much time it takes to fix these slight bugs.

The correct patch notes have now been put online.


Create your own talent trees!

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

While browsing the forums I stumbled across this little gem, it allows you to create your own custom talent trees, totally from scratch. It’s reminiscent of the infamous Play around with it and show me what you come up with 😉

Custom Talent Tree Creator @ Unleashed Gaming

Patch 2.0.1: Before the Storm

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

If you changed the language of your WoW installation using a language pack, read this important notice regarding screenshots first! If the European site crashes later today (or rather, when) you can also read the notice at this alternative location.

The huge patch preparing WoW for the TBC release will go live today in Europe, depending on how much data you downloaded with the background downloader you’ll probably want to use a fast mirror to get the rest of the patch data instead. The total size of the patch is just a bit over 672 megabytes, all of this was available by background download.

Some good mirrors can be found here (make sure to download the correct euro version):

Among the most important new features of this patch, which include the revamped honor system, new talents, a looking for group tool, arena skirmishes, increased debuff slots (yes, they made it in!) and a host of changes to game mechanics is also an upgrade to a new LUA version. Basically LUA is what runs your addons, seeing this new version of the language contains a lot of hefty changes a lot of your addons will break!

The following list will link you to locations where you can find versions of addons which are compatible with this new LUA version. Remember though, a lot of your addons will break, this however does not mean all of them will, if there’s no new version for your favourite addon, try loading it anyway.

Enjoy another promising patch day 😉